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LeVincia, otherwise known as your Right Hand, For Real. As a busy professional, there are probably some tasks like calendar management, document editing, & template creation that eat up precious hours of your day and  let's just be honest, you hate those tasks. That's where I come in - call me crazy but I love doing all of those things and more. I have over ten years of experience assisting busy professionals from Entrepreneurs to C-Level Suite Executives. I pride myself in being a valuable extension of the professionals I am lucky to assist by making personal connections and becoming passionate about the success of their business. Let's get you back to focusing on the things most important to you, your business and your customers.

Hi,my name is

Tailored Services 


Are your documents all over the place visually? Are your team members submitting vastly different presentations for compilation and it's keeping you up at night? Virtually LeVincia assists with template creation to maintain professionalism & continuity in documents, presentations, invoices, etc.

Administrative Support

Do you find yourself getting stuck doing mundane tasks, day in and day out? Having a hard time keeping up with your conference calls, meetings & deadlines? Enter Virtually LeVincia. LeVincia will manage your calendar appointments, emails, and many other tasks that come up. Get in touch to learn more.


Gone are the days of "just an Assistant." I have been a dependable source for valuable and intelligent feedback concerning the business and trusted with confidential information.  Are you stuck in your business? Let me help get you back on track.

The Virtually LeVincia Method 

The Approach


Let me get to know you! 

I promise this isn't like standing up in the middle of the class although I may ask you a fun fact about you and your business. The best thing about your business is you and I want to get to know you! I take the time to learn about you, your passion and your needs. Your free consultation is a great way for us to get to know each other - schedule yours today. I can't wait to hear from you.


Tailored Services 

No business or business owner is alike - nor should they be!  Virtually LeVincia offers plans and packages tailored specifically to you and your business.


Personable & Experienced 

Right Hand For Real is not just a tagline, it's a business model.        With over ten years of experience, Virtually LeVincia offers honest, efficient, personable and real assistance to a variety of businesses. By investing time into your business and creating tailored services, Virtually LeVincia takes being your right hand seriously.

Kind Words 

What They're Saying 

She has the confidence to be the first one in line. She doesn’t give up on herself or others, but keeps trying to improve. Most importantly, she is passionate about helping other people.

She is organized, driven, and has the ability to create direction with limited data.

She "gets it" no matter what the topic; she embraces what she learns and immediately finds ways to apply it.  LeVincia has a deep appreciation for the opportunities that have facilitated her success and she is passionate about enabling others with the same. She is delightful, funny, creative, diligent, and SHARP!

She holds herself to a high level of expectations and then performs. Her willingness to gain understanding of a business concept then demonstrate that concept in a real world setting is one of the reasons for her multiple awards, honors and recognition.